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Your trusted partner in driving business success and sustainability.

We are committed to actively developing and implementing Enterprise Development (ED) and Supplier Development (SD) initiatives that create profitable, impactful, and inspirational businesses.


Enterprise Development

We design, develop, and implement Enterprise Development Programs aligned to your desired outcomes and overall organisational strategy.

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with us for the co-creation of ED initiatives tailored to you organization’s needs – Obligation Free.

Supplier Development

We assist you to develop and enhance your procurement framework by analysing your supply chain and providing structured SD Programmes that empower qualifying suppliers..

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with us for the co-creation of SD initiatives tailored to you organization’s needs – Obligation Free.

Socio-Economic Development

McGeralds is committed to transforming communities into thriving and sustainable places, in-line with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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in addressing Socio-Economic Development challenges in your selected communities.


Early Stage

Are you a newly formed company, less than 3 years old, that hasn't reached a large enough market to be sustainable, but has potential to make a name in the industry and become successful?

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to become part of our future programmes designed for Early Stage growth and sustainability

Growth Phase

Is your business experiencing steady growth in revenue and profitability, but needs a reinforcement of financial, operational and human capital systems?

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to become part of our future Growth Phase Programme and expansion programmes

Expansion Phase

Is your business facing rapid expansion but experiencing operational and financing inefficiencies that are affecting sustained growth?

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for our future Expansion Phase programmes?


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Are you passionate about entrepreneurship and interested in imparting your knowledge and experience gained over the years? Make a difference in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by becoming a mentor to talented SMEs in various sectors. BECOME A MENTOR


ACCA Interns

Benefit from a structured practical experience journey by gaining exposure to key finance, strategy, and accounting areas from a broad spectrum of businesses in multiple industries. As an ACCA Platinum Approved Employer we help you complete your journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant! APPLY HERE



The McGeralds family is always keen to engage driven individuals that are passionate about entrepreneurship and interested in contributing to the development and empowerment of SMEs in various industries. We are keen to hear more about you and consider you for employment opportunities. REGISTER YOUR CV WITH US

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