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  1. An opportunity to invest in viable SMMEs and earn Enterprise and Supplier Development points (High Impact Corporate Social Investment)
  2. Enhancement of supply chain – Mentorship will enable the beneficiary entities to operate efficiently and therefore become reliable suppliers for sponsor organisations. The focus is to effectively enable the suppliers to become reliable industry partners in their value networks.
  3. You play a positive role in shaping a more inclusive economy. A successful company takes pride in sustainable corporate social investment. Realise your ESD objectives while focusing on your core activities as a business.

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  1.  Facilitation of Enterprise and Supplier Development spend for qualifying enterprises.
  2.  Developing Enterprise and Supplier Development strategies for qualifying enterprises.
  3.  SMME mentoring services.
  4.  Black Economic Empowerment through enterprise development strategies and support to SMMEs.
  5.  Enterprise strategies that create win-win partnerships going beyond the compliance requirement thereby improving supply chain and client base.
  6.  Enterprise collaboration strategies that develop industry best practices.
  7.  Enterprise strategies with built in impact assessment services that evaluate real socio-economic changes resulting from ED and SD activities.

Are you passionate about developing entrepreneurs? Are you an impactful leader and guide? Do you have an urge to make a difference in the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

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You are a mentor if you:

  1. Are able to equip & empower entrepreneurs with sound business knowledge and skills by offering industry specific business solutions.
  2. Have vast industry experience
  3. Have the ability to communicate well
  4. Have an analytic mind that enables you to anticipate expected needs of mentees and develop and provide relevant advice.
  5. Are able to meet or video conference with mentees at least once a quarter for one hour
  6. Possess an open view to circumstances that allows a holistic approach to the mentees needs, as each business is configured.


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  • Reinforce your knowledge
  • Expand your network
  • Educate society
  • Give back
  • Make a difference

Gain access to business support services, helping you to:

  • refine your business model,
  • manage,
  • report on, and
  • appraise your growth.

Ease your cash flow burden through a platform that will grow your business with little overheads.

  1. Do you have evidence of business training or business management experience?

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  1. Are you committed to this entrepreneurship journey?
  2. Do you have a business model you want to see become a success?

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Grow your business through the available12, 24 or 36 month incubation programmes.

Physical Incubation

You will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Reception services including telephone answering.
  2. Internet access
  3. Boardroom and meeting facilities
  4. Printing facilities
  5. Coffees and Teas
  6. Furnished air conditioned offices (hot desk)


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Virtual Incubation

You will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Operations Management Support
  2. Financial Management
  3. Inventory Management Systems
  4. Business Strategy Development & Implementation Support
  5. Marketing Strategy Development & Implementation Support
  6. Human Resources Systems and Planning
  7. Mentorship & Coaching
  8. Leadership Development & Team Building
  9. Facilitation of Networking Sessions, Seminars and Workshops
  10. Governance, Business Ethics and Risk Management
  11. Assistance with raising funding

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