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Benefits of Working with McGeralds for Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD):

Achievement of ESD Goals and B-BBEE Compliance

By partnering with McGeralds, companies can ensure the achievement of their enterprise and supplier development goals while maintaining compliance with the B-BBEE codes of good practice. McGeralds has expertise in designing and implementing programs that align with the specific requirements and objectives of ESD initiatives.

Strategic Alignment with Corporate Objectives

McGeralds focuses on developing and implementing programs that are strategically aligned with the corporate objectives of its clients. This approach ensures that ESD initiatives create a pipeline of new suppliers and strengthen existing suppliers within the supply chain, fostering a sustainable and competitive business ecosystem.

Support for SME Growth and Resilience

McGeralds is committed to developing and supporting SMEs in its programs, enabling them to achieve growth, strategic advantages, and sustainable job creation. The programs also include resilience strategies to help SMEs navigate challenges such as load shedding, the COVID-19 pandemic, and effects of global political instability.

Robust Recruitment and Selection Process

McGeralds employs a rigorous recruitment and selection process for ESD beneficiary SMEs. This ensures that the right entrepreneurs are enrolled in the programs, increasing their chances of success. Through a thorough assessment, McGeralds identifies entrepreneurs who have the potential to benefit the most from the ESD initiatives.

Advanced Technology for ESD Management

McGeralds utilizes its advanced Enterprise and Supplier Development program management technology, The McGeralds Propella App, to streamline activities related to SME development. The Propella App manages programs from recruitment to program implementation, data collection, business analysis, and reporting.

Administrative Burden Relief

Partnering with McGeralds relieves the burden of program administration for corporate ESD heads. By entrusting program implementation to McGeralds, ESD heads have more time to focus on strategy development, continuous improvement, and driving the overall success of their ESD initiatives and other activities within their organisation.

Timely and Informative Reporting

McGeralds has earned an exceptional reputation for providing reports and key information on demand and in a timely fashion. This enables ESD heads to execute their strategies effectively and fulfil reporting requirements promptly, supporting data-driven decision-making and ensuring transparency in program outcomes.

Instrument of Implementation

McGeralds understands its role as an implementation partner and recognizes that it does not own the programs. The company acts as an instrument of implementation on behalf of the sponsor company, prioritizing the sponsor's objectives and ensuring their success in empowering SMEs through the sponsorship.
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